MicroGREEN Polymers

Coast started performing work for MicroGREEN Polymers, Inc. in 2011 by pouring a concrete pad around a grinder at their factory in Arlington. Since then, Coast has been the contractor of choice for MicroGREEN. Coast understands the needs, time-frames, and being completed on time and that has allowed Coast to be the preferred contractor for MicroGREEN.

The singular mission of MicroGREEN Polymers is to provide the plastics industry and the world with environmentally sound plastics technologies that offer substantial economic advantages. The “Micro” part of their name is an abbreviation of micro-cellular technology, while “GREEN” connotes the eco-friendly nature of the technology. The”GREEN” benefits of Ad-air ® technology relate to bottom-line benefits. Quite simply, using less plastic costs less. As one can guess by their name, MicroGREEN is all about finding product solutions that are both environmentally and economically sustainable. Their standard is no different when it comes to construction.

Due to the success of their unique solution for the plastics industry, MicroGREEN has quickly outgrown their existing space. Coast was MicroGREEN’s first choice in helping expand their operations. Coast designed and constructed 5,000 SF of additional shipping and office space, including reconfiguration of current offices. This project will include containment pads and 2 additional loading docks. Coast works carefully on every project to provide GREEN building solutions. Coast provides solutions that are environmentally and budget friendly.

Project Details

Location: Arlington, WA
Building Size: 43,000 SF
Year Completed: 2015