Coastal Community Bank – Arlington

Coastal Community Bank, based out of the Everett, WA, has been developing and establishing relationships in banking since 1997. It continues to stretch out to neighboring communities establishing confidence and trust with over 15 locations and growing. As the General Contractor, Coast Construction Group partnered with Coastal Community Bank and their team in a design/build for a new location on Olympic Avenue in historic downtown Arlington, WA.

Olympic Avenue bears certain historic qualities and architecture that are important to the community. This historical building was previously a bank and the intent was a simple tenant improvement coupled with some minor site upgrades. As the project began, it became very apparent that the building required far more attention. With great care and pride, Coast Construction Group worked closely with the City of Arlington and Coastal Community Bank to maintain the historical nature and impact this project would have on the community. An existing safe room, foundation, and exterior walls were preserved and reinforced. Everything else was removed and made fresh and new. The overall impact and look of the building compliments the historical feel of the community. Additionally, a mural of old downtown was added on the south wall of the building as a tribute to the community. The project is a welcomed improvement while maintaining the integrity and character to the historic feel of the community. In the words of the town mayor in an interview about the new bank at the ribbon ceremony, “I think the building looks fantastic and it fits into our downtown so well.”

Project Details

Location: Arlington, WA
Building Size: 5,500 SF
Year Completed: 2020