Our Team

Coast’s dynamic team consists of smart, diverse and talented professionals dedicated to the best outcomes. Each of us is part of the solution and each goes the distance for the team. We work to create the best experience for everyone involved, resolving challenges and reaching consensus with good humor and mutual respect. Together, we take care of the project and each other and in turn, enjoy and share success.

We do things right – and we are committed to do the right thing. That’s the philosophy established by the leadership of our firm and practiced by everyone of our employees. Your success is our most important priority. We keep your goals and objectives in mind throughout every phase of the project.

At Coast, our people are personally invested in your success. We understand that in construction even the smallest of details affect the integrity of the work and safety of our sites. That’s why our teams are tenacious when it comes to getting it right, day in and day out, to deliver quality buildings that stand the test of time. Coast is committed to making a positive impact for our clients and the community everyday.


We are a tight knit community business and we want to ensure that everyone goes home safely every day. We’ve put procedures and training in place that has earned us a better than industry average safety rating which translates into savings for our clients.

Our project management team ensures that our safety program stays up to date to meet the continually changing challenges of today’s construction job sites. You will see our employees exhibit passion and desire to strive for incident and injury free projects. This pride and professionalism makes our employees and projects the industry’s best.