ICOM Tower

Coast completed the construction of a radio tower for Icom America in February 2014. Icom headquarters are located in Kirkland. The tower construction began by pouring a 10’ x 10’ concrete footing that required 4000 PSI per SF before tower installation. The footing was 4 feet thick and has 2 #8 rebar mats. The 70 foot radio tower holds a 40’ x 25’ antenna.

This project would normally need 4 weeks for project completion. The project presented some delays with permit acquisition. Upon permit receipt, Coast was informed that the project needed to be completed within a 2 week period for a worldwide broadcast led by the founder of Icom. Coast began work immediately by using a 2 day, high early mix to accelerate the curing of the concrete to meet the 4000 PSI needed to set the tower. The tower was then assembled on site and craned into place. Coast was able to complete the project two days early before the broadcast.

Icom America Inc. is a part of Icom Incorporated. Started in 1954 by Tokuzo Inoue in Osaka, Japan, Icom Inc. is a publicly held Japanese corporation. Icom Inc.’s roots are in designing, engineering, and manufacturing highly advanced, compact solid-state radio equipment for use in the amateur (ham) radio industry. The company’s product line has since expanded to include communications equipment and products based in the marine, avionics, land, mobile and wide-band receiver industries.

Project Details

Location: Kirkland, WA
Building Size: N/A
Year Completed: 2014